About me. 🤳

Get ready for an entire page just about me. Don't worry it's not that long.

My name is Mario Friz, I'm a 28 years old full-stack developer with a focus on frontend stuff. I was born in Stuttgart, Germany and now live in the french Alps.


"Awkward selfie"

Hobbies 🍺

Because work is not everything, I try to spend my spare time away from the computer.

Table Tennis 🏓

I'm a "pongiste" (french name for people who play table tennis) since 2003.

Woodworking 🌲

I recently started woodworking in my garage. It helps to clear the head after a long day of work.

Ski 🎿

Well, I live in the Alps so during winter I hit the slopes at the nearby ski resorts !

My cat 🐈

To finish this page nicely, here is a picture of my cat.


"La classe !"

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